I’ve been reading blogs about teaching Maths lately.

That almost sounded like a confession.

I found Dan Meyer because he had a pretty inspirational presentation at a TED conference. I like his ideas, and I sit for ages wondering how I can best use some of what he does in my classroom. And then I found some more people with some very cool ideas.

Like Mr Owen
and Kate Nowak
and Christopher Danielson

And then I thought, that sometimes I do stuff that isn’t awful and dull, and that talking about what I do with people is something I enjoy.

And I thought that if I started writing a blog about my teaching, maybe I would do more of those lessons that I walk away from feeling good about what went on, rather than feeling that ‘the kids learned how to do fractions on a calcualtor’ and ‘they can differentiate polynomials’.

We’ll see.

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