We got to do some trig over the last two weeks. We’re in the thick of equations now! Yay! But I kicked things off with silly pictures (yay) and some triangles (dull).

And then we got to hit up some radians. For these kids this is their first introduction to an alternative angle measure, and I anticipated a real issue with them understanding why radians are so lovely, and where they come from, and why 180 degrees = pi rads.

So I stole from Kate Novak.

I wanted to set the room up as a mini lab, so I got all the kit together in folders:

and had the room set up ready when they arrived:

with some (un)friendly instructions on the board:

The kids had a blast doing the task and some of them got to the answer on their own – and a few repeated the experiment a bunch of times trying to get as close as possible to the pi radii length of string.

After we got the definition of a radian (which I keep banging on about) sorted we moved onto some conversions and I got them to make up trig wheels, which a lot of them liked, and that was pretty much it for an intro to radians.

We’ve pushed on to trig graphs now, having cruised through some sectors – assessed handily by a little exit slip I put together:

The results of which told me they can do sectors of circles, but holy balls do the suck at reading the question. 2 out of 44 students managed to get the correct inequality – everyone else gave me a lovely statement about his mouth. So cue next week with me making them do tons of RTFQ stuff.


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2 Responses to Trigonomnomnometry

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  2. howardat58 says:

    Can you cut a piece of string with length 2 ?

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