Pass it on

So nothing much special this week – just a quick review of one lesson I did with AS classes as part of our revision. I imagine a lot of people use it as a tool, but I wanteded to record my thoughts so when I do it again I don’t make the same mistakes

Pass it on

  • 6 Table groups of 4, each with an exam question to work on – about 10mins worth
    Work on the question and get an answer you are all happy with
  • 3 of the 4 people move on when the time is up, the last person remains as an expert to help the next three through the question
  • Repeat until all questions have been met and discussed – chaneg the expert who stays behind each time


It went pretty well, but here are the things that went wrong:

  • Unbalanced groupings – I had one VERY able group that blitzed whatever they were working on in about half the given time. This left the ‘expert’ feeling a bit crappy about their hard work previously and meant I had off dead time for those students
  • Unbalanced questions – equal marks for questions does not equal equal time taken. Again, this left some groups with dead time.

What went well were the discussions about questions, the helpful nudges from the experts, the satisfaction when an answer matched up and the vehement argument complete with diagrams about the properties of the discriminant.

So I think it worked.

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