Station(ary points)

More core one revision over the last couple of days

I put together a stations lesson, though I wanted the students to spend time on the longer style of questions or reinforce some skills that they had forgotten in their last paper, so I only made three.

Station A: Quadratic translation

Theses students will happily solve quadratic equations in a vaiety of ways, do calculus or pages of meaningless algebra, but ask them to draw a graph or describe a tranlation using completed squaren form and they FREAK OUT. And not in a good way. So I made them do a ton. Gave them this [link goes here] geogegra applet (thanks whoever I stole this from) to figure out what was going on and let ’em run.

Station B: Integration revision

The dullest station in my opinion – the students did some integration exam style questions I swiped from a colleague. They answered on mini whiteboards (we have the miniest ever here) and there was some discussion, but mostly kids at this station just wanted to get on with it on their own.

Station C: Co-ordinate geometry and straight lines.

A Tarsia Jigsaw about gradients and intercepts – which in future needs to be more cryptic to provoke arguments rather than wholesale agreement and a true or false sorting activity with statements about co-ordinate geometry. This task bought out the most discussion, but to do this again I would like to make it more Always, Sometimes, Never than true/false.

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