The carosel of mixed success

I wrote this post back before christmas about a carosel/stations lesson I did, and they did another this week to help their revision for the Core 1 exam on Monday.

6 stations this time, less time at each, less time to get bored.

Station A: Sketching polynomials
This station had too much to do in 10mins. I got caught up when writing it trying to cover everything. All it needed was a reminder of the factor theorem and then some cubics to sketch. The rest (remainder theorem to find coefficients) should have been a seperate station.

Station B: Making a foldable for the properties of the discriminant.
This was originally in station C, but I split it out. I am glad I did. Some students had a huge issue doing the following:

  • following the instructions
  • working out what to write where
  • remembering anything and then looking it up without prompting

I don’t question the instructions, because at least 50% of the students followed them fine. I just question the other half’s ability to follow clear instrustions – mostly because when I told them to re-read, they magically knew what to do. Sometimes the unidependence drives me mental.

Station C: Using the properties of the discriminant.
This station had a typo. This apparently makes it impossible to complete anything. I jest, it wasn’t that bad, but several students did get confused by the fact that one question ran out halfway through a sentence and became another. This was because I removed a question because I anticipated students having too much to do. I was right as with that question in there there would have been even less students who finished the activity in the time given. Resolution: cut down the questions to ONLY essential ones.

Station D: Circles
Too many questions. And a typo. The station of fail. As above, I need to streamline the questions. Challenge level was fine though I think

Station E: Sketching QuadraticsToo many questions. Because of this not enough students finished.

Station F: IntegrationThis station was the simplest to write, and apparently the easiest for the students. I grabbed for integration exam questions and put them on coloured card. The students worked on them on whiteboards. However, In hindsight this station had too little. This was the first station finished each time and in my opinion didn’t challenge the student’s knowledge in new ways.

My overall thoughts on the activity:

1) Proof read better.
2) Students here seem to LOVE past exam questions and dislike thinking.
3) Students need more practise at following instructions.
4) I should do foldables more often.

Updated and corrected activity on scribd:

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