Decisons on INB

Or rather. Decision in an INB.

I decided that I wanted to teach the Decision 1 module for AS Maths in a slightly different way to the rest of the course here – which is fine because we haven’t got the module set up in the same way (booklets etc).

I have decided I want to give interactive notebooking a try. The INB is a way for students to organise their notes, and interact with the information and the maths, while keeping it condensed and organised.
Beyond that INBs follow a few rules, nicely stated by @mgolding on her blog about it:

Interactive Notebook (IN): a student notebook governed by several rules: 1) teacher input goes on right pages while student output goes on left pages, 2) pages are permanently bound in the book such as in a composition or spiral notebook, 3) use color to connect related ideas in meaningful (to the student) ways.

I decided to use 9″ x 5″ exercise books (Which resources can handily order) because the awesome composition books that people seem to use stateside are EXPENSIVO here.

This post is to collate a few ideas I have and clarify some things, and maybe get some feedback before I start after half term!

So far I have decided:

  • I will give the students the notebooks, rather than trying to get them to bring them themselves.
  • I will use coloured tape on the spine to keep the classes seperate
  • I will checkpoint the books to make sure they are up to date at least twice over the 6 weeks or so we complete them. There will be nommy prizes for all notebooks that are fully complete
  • I will mostly use the teacher side to give out handouts the students complete, or to do board examples.
  • I will mostly use the left side to get students to reflect on the lessons learning, or answer key examination question examples on a topic, or both
  • Starters and exit slips will also go into the notebook on the student side
  • I will maintain my own version

I have not yet decided:

  • What to do with homework assignments
  • whether I will make the students cover their notebooks
  • Whether they will go home and get lost

I have planned out pretty much what I want the order of the notebook to be, complete with a section at the back for past paper reflection and broken the course down into topics and what shuold be pages in the notebook.

I guess I might be nearly ready (beyond handout design, which I have started – adapting current stuff to fit in notebooks or to give students somethign to DO in the notes.

I am wondering what comments people have! Does anyone want more detail on what I am doing? handouts? Those people who currently notebook, am I going about this right? Over planning, under planning? I have a few weeks to get this right before I start so hopefully I can fix anythign I broke!

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