Well, that was surprising.

I had a meeting with my Principal today.

I think that requires some explanation – I have not been a naughty teacher. I haven’t caused a ruckus by slowly subverting our resident resource guru. I haven’t been told off even a little bit.

Our Principal likes to meet with new staff after a few months to find out how things have been going; relaxed evironment(ish), cup of tea in comfy chairs, that sort of chat. So he wanted to know more anout my university experience after I left College (full disclosure; my 16-19 education was in the college I work at now) and what I was finding was different about moving from 11-16 to 16-19 education. I was able to big up my University and PGCE (Warwick ftw yo!) and tell him how much I was enjoying teaching here.

We also got on to the subject of CPD. How could I talk about that without gushing about the Mathtwitterblogospher. so I explained how blogging and tweeting had been an awesome resource for me and had helped me hugely and stuff. His response was not what I expected – he asked me to present about it to the Board of Governers (they are administrators who sort out all types of stuff for college, budgets, staffing, appeals, quality assurance etc.)

So I’m gonna panic about that for a little while.

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5 Responses to Well, that was surprising.

  1. Fawn Nguyen says:

    Ooh, presenting to the Board. Nice! Good luck with that, Nik. (But don’t bring up EVERYTHING we talk about on Twitter. You know… THAT stuff. 🙂 You’ll do great!

    • nik_d_maths says:

      Thanks Fawn =) It’s ok, I probably won’t mention THAT stuff. But I might make the point that we talk about more than JUST maths. It’s a community not just a resource for PD

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