#3Acts – Lasering the Moon

So if you could do me a favour and watch this short clip that would be good.

Lasering the Moon – Created with WeVideo from Nik_d_maths on Vimeo.

I put together this intial pass at a sheet to work through this

And this is these images have the information you need?



Thing is I’m not sure of a few things, and I would love some feedback

  • Does the clip ACTUALLY motivate the question I think is valuable to work on?
  • Is the questions useful? I think it brings in range of values/rounding, some trig, standard form/scientific notation
  • What is a valid/suitable Act 3? The clip where they successfuly get it back? somethign else?
  • I think a sequel that involves an infographic of distances between astronomical bodies would be interesting?
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2 Responses to #3Acts – Lasering the Moon

  1. Sorry Nik that I’m just commenting.
    It’s okay if the clip doesn’t intrinsically motivate the question you think is valuable to work on. However, you could preise this clip with telling students, “I found this clip interesting and I’m curious what you think.”
    There’s definitely some worthwhile math here. I know scientific notation could be useful, but I like having the actual km’s on your data slide. It’s hard to fathom that distance, but I still think it’s better to have the actual number before converting to scientific notation (which is so abstract for students).
    As for Act 3, this might just be a fun task to work on in class and not rely on the TV show providing an actual act 3. However, I’d love to compare the TV segment to your math.
    Did you have a chance to test this out in class with students? if so, how’d it go?

    • nik_d_maths says:

      Thanks for your comment Andrew! I definitely thought about using scientific notation on the slide, but I’d like it to come out more naturally maybe? Also, is it hugely useful here? Accuracy is important and considered rounding is going to be a big part of this. Maybe that’s a good discussion some students might have.

      Unfortunately the TV show just has them get the laser response back from the reflector dish and they move on. The show doesn’t reflect the maths as it were.

      I haven’t used this with students yet, I noticed the potential after we had done standard right triangles and moved onto more abstract trig stuff, but I’m thinking about using it next year as part of the trig review we do. I need to fins an infographic for other planets though.

      Many thanks


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