Something to work on – Update #1

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I thought I would post an update to my post as to how I was working on things and anything else I spot to work on. I think it may become something I do every half term or so to keep track of small things I want to develop about my teaching.

So first, how are things going on previous targets?

I think I’ve sorted this one, 90% of students take their hats off before being asked, and the others don’t argue, or at least haven’t over the last few weeks. Win

Board writing
Still working on this, but I have made one change to what I do; where I stand. Basically I switched which side of the board I stand, so instead of standing on the left of the board as I look at it and turning across my body to write, I stand on the write, so my front faces the class as I write. I still have to look at what I am doing, but because it is more sideways, I can see the students better as I am writing, and my body language is more ‘open’ so I feel less like I am talking to the board. My writing is still not amazing, but practising is helping!

And now something new:

Recent events have bought to my attention that I am not as confident with how statistics topics link together and what real world examples are easy to bring in to the classroom (Thanks Kate for kind of pointing this out to me). I am pretty sure that this stems from me gaining an early dislike for stats, potentially inherited from my secondary Maths teacher (who was awesome!). I took practically no stats at university (read: none) and most statistics beyond normal and binomial distribution are outside my skillset right now. I don’t think I need to learn to be an ace Statatician – my HoD knows statistics are not my strength; but I do need to learn more about the statistics I know. Hopefully that will help me see connections between topics, find better ways to explain and better examples of the real world, like I have with algebra and calculus.

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