Decision INB Update #1

Note – this post has a bunch of embedded files and pics

I posted here about using INBs in my Decision 1 class for the actual D1 module itself. I have to giove huge props to Megan and Kristen for their blog posts that boosted me into this, and there are lots of people who I read but forgot to bookmark or gleaned tips from by reading about lessons they had done that included shots of their students’ INBs.

So having thought about how I wanted to organise the books and what I was going to need (including the notebooks themselves) I put together a couple of handouts for the front few pages:

Table of contents (fits snugly on a 9″x7″ page, 82 numbers for an 80 page exercise book plus inside front and back)

Rules and checkpoints (Two to an A4 sheet)

Homework Log (Two to an A4 sheet)

I explained to the groups why we were using these books and how they would be organised, we went over the rules and I explained the input/output split for RHS/LHS.

They then stuck their first class handout onto page 6 (or at least 43/44 of them did *sigh*) and we had a go at filling it out with working through the example on the board and similar. I’ve supplied the teacher completed version I used for my INB here

We wrapped up with an exam question for their LHS:

Bubble sort came next (I really dislike the sorting algorithms, so I am getting them out of the way so that we can do some more exciting graph and network stuff.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Shuttle sort:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Shell sort:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And to finish off the week; Quick sort:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

and a summary LHS to reflect on the 4 different sorts.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am really pleased with how the week has gone, and the students seem very happy with the new method of making notes:

‘This is really neat’
‘Coloured pencils? Amazing!’
‘I can just have one place to look for everything? COOL!’
‘It’s gonna be really easy to find things for revision’
‘Can you help me make one for Core 2?’
‘I’m doing this for all my subjects next year’

We will have to see if this is sustained throughout the module,but for now I’m pretty happy with the start, as is my HoD and the member of SMT who observed the first lesson on Monday – they all really want to see the result.


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