Decision INB Update #2

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So I am half a term in to using INBs for my Decision classes and I think things are going well, but not amazing. I’m going to try to summarise the good, the bad and the ugly from what I’ve done.

The Good

The students have kept their notebooks pretty much up to date; they have good notes that are collated in one place and solid exam question examples. I have observed students using their notebooks whilst working on past papers or questions in class to find things. AND I can just point students to their notebooks if they are asking about definitons or algorithms.
This has kept the module moving – the fact that we use a new page for every topic has made the module seem to fly by – at least for me
It is really easy for students to see all the things they have learned over the term, and they are really taking pride is what they do (well some of them)

The Bad

Some students are still really resistant to using colour – it’s like they don’t beleieve me when I say it is important. A lot of students have also found it difficult to pull out what is important and use colour effectively. I need to model this better and develop what I do – right now I can only show students how I do it as a personal thing, not multiple ways that would work for more students (Let’s be honest, who’s mind works like mine!?!)
I have been REALLY bad at keeping mine up to date. I need to sit down and go through making sure everything is done over the Easter break – I feel I am letting students down by not having it 100% ready for them to use if they need it.

The Ugly

Left Hand Pages
I said at the start creativity wasn’t my strong point. This had been BAD BAD BAD. My left hand side ideas have been poor; the students mostly have exam questions or summaries. While this is fine from a revision perspective, it is not great from a depth of study and interactivit perspective. I need to do some serious thought about collecting reflection ideas and better stuff. I need to design foldables for the topics I’ve done to make this better in future

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