Something to work on – Update #2

Part 1 here

Part 2 here

Board Writing
Still a WiP, but going much better. It’s getting rarer that students have to ask what I have written (today was the first time in over a week), and this is for a couple of reasons:

  • Practise in my new board position: It was awkward at first, but I’m getting the hang of it! And I am engaging the class much better by facing them more when I am writing
  • More typing: I have been trying to anticipate what I, or they, will say when doing things at the board. It still isn’t perfect, because students will always surprise you, but on these occasions I have tried to use the computer to swiftly type in response

I have started trying. Honest I have. I have genius stats friends like Hedge who remind me regularly what I’m missing out on, and I’m trying to see things. I am planning on spending some time over the holidays really getting up to speed on the big statistics unit we teach, and then searching for cool things. Oh, and I asked to teach stats again next year.

I feel like this update is a load of tiny changes, so hopefully I will be able to have bigger things to show off next month!

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