Things I’m reading

I’m not going to delude myself here. My footfall is nowhere near enough to make this an important blog. However, if I can introduce the few people that do read to something/exciting/that they have forgotten about then AWESOMESAUCE.

Here are a few people’s blogs that have REALLY got me thinking/excited me over the last few weeks.

1) Fawn Nguyen. She constantly has gems like this that I just love. If I can’t use them now they go into a notebook I have called ‘stuff for next year’ (If you don’t have one of these, GET ONE!) The way she writes is fantastic and heartwarming and I’m always excited to see her posts in my reader.

2) Kev Lister. Again, new blogger. I met this guy when I did my teacher training and he’s now a Head of Department. His swift promotion is unsurprising if you know him. He’s an outstanding practitioner and manager. His contribution is looking from the point of view of a department manager and his recent post about feedback is excellent

3) Rachel Jones. SHE IS NOT A MATHS TEACHER. I’ll let that sink in before you hit the link. She has recently started blogging and I’m always amazed by her posts. She dissects and reviews her lessons in such an honest fashion, and her ideas are right up there. Sometimes it makes me think Sociology is a legit subject… 😉

4) Jim Pai. I need to read more of what this guy writes. Thoughtful, provocative and intelligent. Just read this.

So yeah, there are a LOT of blogs I read, but these four were on my mind today, so enjoy them!


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3 Responses to Things I’m reading

  1. Fawn Nguyen says:

    Is Jim Pai the guy who makes all them pies for his kids just because he thinks he owns the rights to pi or something? Sheesh. “Thoughtful, provocative and intelligent” — that’s our Jim, for sure.

    Thank you so much for the nod here, Nik. I’m honored! And I added Kev and Rachel to my reader. Thank you, dear!!

  2. nik_d_maths says:

    He is indeed.

    Not gonna lie; your posts make me smile even when they make me want to cry. So there.

    hopefully I’ll one day post something you want to use and I will squee!

  3. Jim P says:

    Just let me Nguyen the rights to some pi pies, sheesh!

    Nik, you’ve made lots of posts with things that we want to use! so squee away!

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