Collaborative Planning – Let’s get this started

I wrote about this idea recently. To summarise:

  • It can be hard to plan in isolation
  • Sometimes you need to talk a lesson idea over before using it
  • Sometimes topics are difficult to plan
  • Planning/discussing lessons as a group is fun

I left off with the idea that we could:

If you have a topic you’d love to chat about either because it’s causing you grief to plan or because you have something you would like to share let’s get on google hangout and have it out.

Let’s throw a gdoc together and write a lesson plan
Let’s create resources as a group and then use them
Let’s ask questions of each other before we go into to the classroom not after
Let’s have some fun writing lessons as a team.


I see this from 4 directions, but I’m open to suggestions:

  1. Take a topic and plan a progression of lessons or activities to reach a goal
  2. Take a specific lesson within a topic and plan it
  3. Develop/design an activity with a goal in mind
  4. Some combination of this.

I thought I would try to formalise a little bit what I wanted to do here with the little form below. Ideally I will collect some ideas of when it is convenient for people to meet up, find a common topic and we can have it out.

Thanks all. Hope to hear from you!

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