#TMC13 – Day Two – Tangled Reality

Part One here

I was pretty refreshed after not attending karaoke the previous night, though I was sad that I missed a lot of fun. But on to Day 2!

Stats session 2

We did a lot of work on Central Limit Theorem and Normal Distribution. @gwaddellnvhs did a great job explaining a long running sampling experiment for getting a normal distribution and showing the CLT (something I learned about in the session):

2013-07-26 10.14.38
(please excuse the terrible picture)

We also got a crash course from Hedge about Globe Toss – prompting an internet search for the biggest globe we could find:

2013-07-26 09.53.43

Hedge uses globe toss as an intro to confidence intervals and to get across this idea that stats can be messy. I like it and might see if I can use it.

Still Keeping it Real – Team Mathalicious

I’ve blogged before about my love for these guys, and Karim rocked this presentation. He switched between having us work tasks and discussion on why the parts of the task were important. I loved the sneaky preview of the new look website with slick embedding in Desmos and hearing him talk so passionately about lessons made up my mind to attend one of the Mathalicious run sessions the next day. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If you haven’t checked out Mathalicious go do it now. Like right now. My blog will still be here after you’re done picking your jaw up.

Conway’s Rational Tangles and the Game of Set – Fawn Nguyen

Fawn ran an awesome session on two non-mainstream maths problems. Both of which I am totally stealing to use with our Math’s Club next year. Fawn explains Conway’s Tangles here, and the game of set is best understood here. We ended up doing more tangles in the lobby of the hotel later that day!


Extending Student Understanding from Numbers to Variables – Ashli Black

I found Ashli’s session a calm oasis of careful thought; despite my best efforts to make jokes about measuring lengths…

I came out of the session with a bunch of ideas to structure activities to help students abstract from numbers to variables. I’m not sure how much *I* will use the things we discussed, but I feel it was really powerful for me to have things to share with other practitioners.

And just like that, day two was done… Two thirds of the way through. So we went to a dueling piano bar. And I crashed out early (told you it was a theme).

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4 Responses to #TMC13 – Day Two – Tangled Reality

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  2. Fawn Nguyen says:

    Nik. Nik. Nik. Thank you for the recaps and mentions, dear. I miss you dearly.

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