#TMC13 – Day Three – Delicious Plannning; King Eli; Bootcamp.

Day One here, Day two here.

Day Three was a Saturday, and there was clear evidence of fallout from the piano bar in the opening session. I felt fine because I had an early night 😉

Peeling it Back: Lesson Writing Sessions – Team Mathalicious

I attended the High School session of this; run by Kate Nowak and Chris Lusto. Summer and I sat at the back and tried hard not to play the naughty kids. It was pretty awesome. They took us through the process they had laid down on paper specifically for us, and the questions they ask themselves as they designed lessons. Then then presented a lesson they had recently written, so we could have a go at working through the same way they did. Not only was it great to discuss with a load of other teachers how they would design the lesson; but I also got an awesome handout to help me in future; got to discuss lessons with two very cool mathematicians AND got to indulge myself by distracting Summer working on the problem we came up with. Quality session which once more made me write MATHALICIOUS in big letters in my ‘stuff for next year’ notebook.

Using Dynamic Graphs to Understand Mathematical Modeling – Eli Luberoff, Desmos

Full disclaimer: I wrote down nothing during this session. I was having too much fun and was too engaged with ELi. If we’re honest; he had us eating from his hand the moment he threw up a slide of tweets about Desmos and told the room we were what got him into work in the morning some days.

2013-07-27 13.38.37

But in all seriousness; this was a cracking presentation. Eli told us a bit about the company and their vision and some plans for the future, smoothly modeled using Desmos to support a class investigation; and at one point dropped the mic why he slyly slipped an upcoming feature into the presentation.

There were so many nerd-gasms in that conference room that Eli’s presentation should have come with a parental guidance advisory.

One final point; got a feature you want in Desmos? Try tweeting @Desmos with the hashtag #betyoucant. It might help 🙂

Statistics Bootcamp – Hedge

2013-07-27 14.40.44

I rounded off my stats drive for the week (one of my main goals for going was to both enjoy stats more, and find new ways to teach things) Hedge (Who needs to find a way to clone herself so she can stay in the classroom AND go be an amazing curriculum leader for her district) took us through some sample activities, demonstrating how she shares with students why stats is interesting, challenging and relevant. It really hit home for me when we examined a famous court case that a woman’s life may have depended on how the statistics were interpreted. A detailed coverage was followed by rapid fire examples of activities for different tasks, and some work on more ‘basic’ statistics. Quality session, I got away without any pushups and I heckled a bit.

Horsepower Lab

This was an extension of the stats session and a bit of fun. we worked through the lab Hedge does with students to calculate horsepower – lots of cross curricular links with physics – and then have a look at the data.

Here’s the team and the horsepowers. Can you match people to their horsepower?
photo (12)photo (13)2

And Eli running up some stairs:

And Day Three was done, only one morning to go…

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3 Responses to #TMC13 – Day Three – Delicious Plannning; King Eli; Bootcamp.

  1. Kate Nowak says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, Nik! It was a fun presentation to give. I’m glad to hear you found it worthwhile.

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