#TMC14 – Day 4 – Hug it out Princess

Day One, Two, Three.

What will follow is Day Four, and some general thoughts from the whole event.

Sunday Morning was the end of TMC. This made me pretty sad; but we still had a marathon My Favorites first; followed by the awesome TMC theme/camp song:

Then we had a huge hug-a-thon as we realised it was over. It was something special to see that the camp meant so much to people:

But I was really sad that basically the best professional development experience I have ever had was over.

Some other things I remember from #TMC13:

@lustomatical telling us about one dimensional cones, as summarised here.

@absvalteaching, @mgolding, @mpershan and I getting together to talk about the future of #GlobalMath – something that Chris is already hitting out the park. We were pleasantly surprised and grateful to get input from so many people so thanks to @mythagon and @gelada and anyone I forgot who contributed. And if you want to see where #Globalmath is headed then follow @GlobalMathDept.

Similarly getting to sit down with the man himself @samjshah to have out the MTCMonthly Journal idea Chris and I have – once again we were joined by overwhelmingly enthusiastic people so thanks to Tina, Ashli and Edmund. I’m hoping we can move forward with this having had the opportunity to think and discuss more deeply about what we want.

The amazing people. There are too many to list. I’m not going to try because a) I’ll forget someone and feel terrible when I remember and b) I don’t want this to become a gush. I miss you all.

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