Desmos for HOMEWORK!?

We started the year in AS Maths examining graphing; Core 1 includes this bunch of delightful selection of content for graphing:

Core 1 Graphing spec

So after we’d done some bits with quadratics and before we hit up circles, I set students a slightly unusual homework task.


  • I set up a Google form with links to selected Daily Desmos challenges.(these three actually)
  • I asked the students to view the image, sign in to Desmos and create graphs of their own to match the solution
  • The students then had to share the link with me via the Google form.

It worked pretty well:


Lots and lots of graphs for me to go through! I particularly liked the fact that some students who didn’t trust the link they shared enough and felt it was necessary to add the equation in too!

So the things I learned from this:

  • Three graphs is too many for me to go through easily and view responses easily. A simpler and more efficient solution may have been to get students to plot all three in one graph and share that. What I’d really like is a way to record their equations and be able to easily (without copy-pasta) compile them into one sheet, overlay the original and such. But we shall see.
  • The main reason (excuse) for non completion was that Desmos doesn’t work in the browsers at college. (Not Desmos’ fault, the fact that we run an outdated browser is an issue we are working on) This made me rethink a similar exercise with circles. I think it is better to wait until the students CAN complete the work in the institution before I set a more difficult version of this
  • Google forms are in no way too hard for students. I don’t know why I thought this would be a barrier. It wasn’t. One of the good things about our student email infrastructure is it is powered by Gmail, so I could just collect their login numbers with the responses
  • That said, I must ALWAYS remember to put a name box on the form. Matching student ID numbers to names was a waste of my time I could have avoided
  • Students like Desmos. It was fantastic this week to see a student write that they checked the intersections they had calculated with Desmos. Never would have happened without getting the tool into their hands.

So would I do this again? YES! – with the caveat that I need to wait for the college to catch up it’s browsers…

Enjoy playing with Desmos 😀

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3 Responses to Desmos for HOMEWORK!?

  1. Bob Lochel says:

    LOVE the idea of having students provide a link to a graph they have made via Google form. Probably going to steal this idea. It does seem like lots o links to go through. But could always just spot check or choose random graphs to check or perr-critique in class.

    • nik_d_maths says:

      Thanks Bob! I’m glad you like it. I wondering if there is an easy way to insert them all in together? then you can see what the variation was? I am sure you could get Google to randomly email different students graphs anonymously to other students to assess… Oh the possibilities…

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