#GlobalMath Autumn Special

That’s right folks; you’ve heard about it on twitter; you’ve heard about it on the blogs; you’ve heard about it IN THE STAFFROOM (maybe). It’s finally here – the event of the quarter! It’s the:

GMD Autumn Special Poster

Come and join us on the 2nd November for the first of the Global Mathematics Department seasonal specials. This TWO HOUR basket of presentations, ideas sharing and collaboration is the first foray into making #GlobalMath happen at a time that is more convenient for folks across the globe, on a different Day.

The presenters we have on this time are a really special mix of teachers, curriculum specialists and department leaders; there should be something there for everyone from questioning, to lesson ideas, to ways to use software in new ways, to opportunities for recreational mathematics.

I’ll be hosting the event and it would be amazing to see as many folks as possible there to join us – the chat window is something you just have to experience and don’t ever feel worried about chipping in; we have two only rules at #GlobalMath:

  • We share freely
  • We’re nice to each other

So please join in!

You can sign up for the community here and the conference itself here

And don’t worry if you can’t make it, like everything else we run on Big Marker the conference will be recorded for your viewing pleasure – though that’s not as good as BEING THERE.

See you on the 2nd!

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    Don’t miss the Global Math Autumn Special!

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