#ExploreMTBoS Task 4 – More listening, more learning.

This feels like a bit of a cop out for Mission 4; but I *did* host the #GlobalMath Autumn special. I figured I would write a post thanking all those who presented rather than talk about what went on – if you want details the go listen!Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 7.39.21 PM

So thanks go to:
David Wees – his interactive presentation was the highlight of many people’s session and gave us all a lot of food for thought about questioning – If you wanted more details you could look up the original GMD session he gave on the topic or go read his blog

Chris Smith – his first time at a #GlobalMath and not only did he present but survived an alien attack! Thanks to him for a reminder that there are many ways to share and collaborate and not all of them involve super high tech solutions.

Julie Reulbach – I’m hoping that the people who signed up for Explore the MTBoS following her presentation are in equal numbers to the new faces I saw at GMD thanks to her, Sam, Tina and Justin. And I can’t help it; I hear her voice and it makes me want to chair dance – INFECTIOUS ENTHUSIASM.

Kev Lister – when we decided to do seasonal specials at a more convenient time for the UK Kev was one of the first people on my list to ask. If you haven’t read his blog on developing a department and working as a HoD then you really should. I’m hoping the GMD sends his spreadsheet downloads through the roof…

Hedge– She won’t believe me when I tell her that people loved her ideas; but it’s true. Hedge has so much to share about teaching Stats, and her love for the subject pours out when she presents. If you EVER get the chance to talk to her about teaching stats then DO IT. You won’t regret it. Unless she makes you do press ups.

Justin Lanier – Justin calmed us all down after the pace of Hedge with a lovely introduction to Math Munch. While it’s great to hear about what people do in the classroom; it’s also fantastic to remember that there is so much mathematics that students can experience recreationally. I love the niche Math Munch is working to fill and you should all check it out.

Thanks again to all the presenters, to all the people who came along and to all those who have contributed to making #GlobalMath special over the last year. I hope to see you all again at another session.


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