Kruskal’s Algorithm [Hinge Questions]

I wrote another Hinge Question:

20131115 - AS UoM Kruskal_4


a) Student performed Prim not Kruskal starting at A,B,C,G or H
b) Student performed prim starting at D, E, F or I
c) Student allowed a loop to be created
d) Student did Kruskal correctly
e) Student did not order edges before performing algorithm
f) Student allowed a loop to be created

I used this in my recent observation lesson, and my HoD was keen on the use, though he seemed somewhat surprised by the time sink it is trying to make the question as informative for the teacher and as focused as possible.

If I was to use this one again, I would possibly get students to work on the question first; then give the selection of answers, as the question is fairly long – I think this is mostly to do with the topic; it is difficult to gauge someone’s understanding of an the steps of an algorithm without working through the whole thing.

More to follow as I write them.


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