May plans?

Anne wrote this post: Let’s do it again, folks! and I figured it’d be a kick to make me blog again if I tried to write something everyday for 30 days. It might be something coherent and thought out, or it might just be the thoughts kicking around in my head that day. We shall see.

We are in May. In the UK, and particularly in Sixth Form Colleges this is crunch time. Students are frantically preparing for exams (or not) teachers are buried under mountains of past papers to mark (or at least they are here) and every day the ability to help change the outcome for students slips further away.

Today I returned some marked mocks to students, and there were some really disappointing results. For some students it’s silly errors, for others they never caught up with topics they missed, and some clearly didn’t do any work before hand. The required mix of encouragement, admonishment and reassurance is something I find really challenging about this time of year.

So for I ask; how do you all prepare your students for external exams?

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