To Do Lists

Are the bane of my life; but without them I would never get anything done. I constantly find myself either:

a) Adding to the To Do list more frequently than I cross things off
b) Adding something I had done the week before because it had come around again

Despite this, there are few pleasures like crossing the last thing off.

I run my To Do list through Evernote, mostly because Kate told me to. It’s pretty useful to have the same stuff on my phone, tablet and desktop PC and not have to carry around a stack paper with me. And they recently added integrated handwriting which is pretty slick. SO maybe check it out?

#MTBos30 Day 3

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2 Responses to To Do Lists

  1. Ashli says:

    ❤ Evernote. I just realized that if you annotate pdf's in evernote, when you check the file next there is a summary of all your notes, highlights, etc for you to quickly find stuff. I never knew it did this and I am now even more in love with that program.

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