Supervising practice exams might be dull but if you time it right you can mark the previous one while the next one is happening.


#MTBoS30 Day 8

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  1. bstockus says:

    I know you’re speaking of practice exams, but your post reminded me of proctoring the actual state exams in Texas. It’s torturous. You have to “actively monitor” the entire time the test is being administered. This means that you have to walk around your room the entire time, keeping your eyes on the students at all times, but not looking at their tests because it’s illegal to for teachers to read the contents of the test booklets. You can lean against something to rest for a few moments, but if you are caught sitting down or looking at something, you can be written up, which can lead to revoking your teaching license if the infraction is considered severe enough. For the first 30-45 minutes of the test it feels like nice thinking time because it’s so quiet, but after awhile you feel like a fish swimming around its bowl over and over and over again.

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