This is a really, REALLY delayed post. I meant to write this post 15 months ago, then at the start of 2017, then in July, then last month…

I am no longer in the Classroom. As of last summer I work for an amazing company called Illustrative Mathematics. We write curriculum, provide professional services, maintain a task database that illustrates alignment to the standards and have a team of brilliant people that it’s a pleasure to work with.

Two answers before I talk about the last 15 months in later posts.

Q: ‘Do you miss teaching?’

A: I miss being in the classroom with students, I miss doing the teaching part of teaching. I find sometimes when we write tasks I am disappointed I won’t get to use it and see first hand the light bulbs going on. I don’t miss [non exhaustive list] grading, dealing with poorly behaved students, pointless meetings, bad PD, often horrible hours…

Q: ‘What’s working for a US company like?’

A: Pretty good so far. I work from home, I spend some time (but not an inordinate amount of time) on web calls. I drink a lot of tea and coffee and sprinkle minutes and agendas with correctly spelled words like ‘colour’ and ‘favourite’.

Coming next, the project that I worked on over the last year, and what’s coming in the future.

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