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Writing curriculum is more than writing lessons

The last post I wrote I promised I would talk about what I’ve done for the last 18 months working for Illustrative Mathematics. I thought I would do that all wrapped up with a few (not all) of the things … Continue reading

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This is a really, REALLY delayed post. I meant to write this post 15 months ago, then at the start of 2017, then in July, then last month… I am no longer in the Classroom. As of last summer I … Continue reading

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Why I will never use lolly sticks in my classroom.

Because, well, reasons. I’m sure there are great reasons to use lolly sticks, or other randomisers – it creates a culture where everyone is expected to be attentive, or to articulate their thinking at any time or something. You may … Continue reading

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Two ways I try not to suck at formative assessment

This might end up being the content of a teachmeet prez in future, so bear with me if it’s a little scattershot Formative assessment is hard. It’s probably up there with behaviour management, teaching a topic for the first time … Continue reading

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Sorry, your qualification isn’t good enough anymore

So this evening I was talking to a secondary teacher friend about many things, but among those was the general uncertainty about GCSE changes, what constitutes a ‘good’ GCSE, conditions of funding in Sixth Form and the like. Then it … Continue reading

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Some conversations.

*Any resemblance to a specific individual is unintentional. Any resemblance of traits of a group of people is intentional. Manager: This is the most important thing to improve teaching and learning throughout this year! Teacher: Can I have some time … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS: Good, fun not always synonyms.

People like bad movies. It’s true. I do as well. I love Starship Troopers, but its a terrible film. It’s cheesy, the acting is bad, the dialogue is poor in places and frankly its totally ridiculous. It’s also incredibly enjoyable … Continue reading

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Something for consideration: Every time you ask a teacher to complete another piece of paperwork without taking something away, a bit of goodwill dies because I already find it hard to find my mouse under all the paper you give … Continue reading

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By Hand

I love Desmos, I love graphing packages. I even like TI-8x graphic calculators (Even the old, old TI-82s with dodgy screen contrast). But sometimes it needs to be graphed by hand. Sharp pencils. Accurate marks. Slow, deliberate, calculation of points. … Continue reading

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The Dream Crusher

Enrolment week always seems so hard in a Sixth Form College. It should be a time of excitement, fresh faced enthusiastic new students and positivity for the year ahead. Then, as the week goes on the appointments get trickier and … Continue reading

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