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James asks ‘When do you work?’ I work when I have the motivation I guess – or more like I work when I need to and when I want to and when I have time. I don’t have a set … Continue reading

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There’s questions here

from: #MTBoS30 Day 6 EDIT: Sample questions: How many hours/days/weeks/months is that? What percentage of my year was spent listening to music? – is this a lot? Contextualise this? Compare with sleep? My top album doesn’t have a track … Continue reading

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Small Rewards

This week I will book my flight to TMC14. I think this counts as a large reward in my scheme of getting myself small ones to keep me going through the term. #MTBoS30 Day 5

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Open Evening and Magic

This week we had open evening (The question as to whether it was a good idea to have teachers in school until 8pm the night before grades were due into the database is another matter). We spent 3 hours talking … Continue reading

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To Do Lists

Are the bane of my life; but without them I would never get anything done. I constantly find myself either: a) Adding to the To Do list more frequently than I cross things off b) Adding something I had done … Continue reading

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One Important Thing

About Norm Referencing: This is spawned from this publication asking for feedback from OFQUAL about the new GCSEs; from this blog post by Daisy Christodoulou. If you grade on a normal curve according to percentiles you accept that a percentage … Continue reading

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May plans?

Anne wrote this post: Let’s do it again, folks! and I figured it’d be a kick to make me blog again if I tried to write something everyday for 30 days. It might be something coherent and thought out, or … Continue reading

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